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was at stake. there was no home after the storm. st paul but he was a city in shock people who just lost everything. turning to the building to survive. then came news that he meets a woman seeking to have escaped freezing here and driving thousands out of the city they're close to seven hundred inmates here in a moment to the gym gave the storm came about a hundred sixty of them escape more than three weeks after the killer typhoon forty eight are still missing authorities say they're working on finding the remaining fugitives even as security remains tight rope the city. didn't actually take much an effort to search for those who escape. many have returned on the role. you must. most of us when doctors to check our founders which didn't have the intention to skate. i just want to make sure my family was ok eric says he could see the water rising just begun the sparklers. his family lived just across the president. and they had all survived. in a matter of a few hours every prospective jail. so was edgar martinez has been in jail for ten years and drug charges. he too went home to point
stanton have a d chord cool in the night. and the msc is ready to pop them in a cubicle. paul took seventy two separate the total votes from that. see the importance of timeouts and who partake in terms of china's deep space exploration. my opinion cos it just has to be keyed off to teach the use of which i'm not. it's what he said it's as baby p the progress of what that keeps these parties. post dispatch lemon icing. it's out there that it's easy for them it's the one. he halted. trying not to. so you think this is an important step two was time to be between us going to increase its place in the future. cos into teaching we chatted for a trip tips his hand. we want to put on to the chinese people. thank you thank you so much for your time. that's saying a pink and the chief scientist impact on the street the teller fail in a press call to the second place and time as the moon exploration program includes the country's fast and the lunar rover. and it's also the fastest spacecraft into the seventy s to make a soft landing on the moon since the soviet union's and doing a twenty four missi
the scene of the class in the box trying to put the pieces back together again. paul wrote in a shell good in the bronx on something that can lead to train carrying one hundred and fifty passengers run off the tracks killing four and injuring dozens more aeronautics engineer ryan and i started singing stars in one of my eyes and i thought my goodness is it the word rebuilding economy annually. earlier this week from today. we really couldn't get out. the looks of this to seven coverage is still to the bus like soap cranes and counseling the vocal calls picking them up with a folder. a late lunch telling parents that stilts g schultz of the water was dry spot towards the trucks moving the train carriages is a slow and difficult process takes planning and coordination this has been going on now for more than seven dallas and is likely to last some sewing to come. the ball away from the trucks. well it has already started over for assessing the breakdown from the train's two black boxes transportation safety board to let leading the investigation but recovered to so called authentic record th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4